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If you need a LIVING TRUST- don't hesitate to call!  My office provides document preparation service for a full living trust portfolio. By using document preparation services you'll SAVE hundreds of dollars $$$$.  Everyone in California who has a home or total assets over $100,000 really should have a trust to avoid the high cost of probate.   

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(Note: This web site is for general information only - there is no inference that the law office of David Casey offers legal advice or represents you).   My law office offers two services.  The least expensive  is document preparation service where your trust, will and other documents are prepared for you based on the information you provide and wishes. The other is full attorney service where you are provided with specific legal advice as it pertains to your situation.  Of course, this costs substantially more.  Based on the popularity of online services of various websites, this is the preferred method since it saves you hundreds of dollars.

Disclaimer:  Until a fee agreement is signed by you and attorney for either estate planning  or document preparation services, no documents are prepared.  Document preparation service is only for those who reside in California.  Any documents prepared through the document preparation process are solely based on the information you provide.  Mobile services are available at a reasonable price along with a mobile notary when needed.

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A properly constructed trust will help protect your assets  and can give your children or estate these assets after you're gone.  A trust is much less expensive for most than a probate matter and our document preparation service even makes it less expensive.   You must also take into consideration that the  government will be less involved in your private affairs than it would during a probate matter when your entire estate is normally open for public viewing.  When you have a trust, you have control over your financial matters.


"Without a Living Trust, you're mixing death and taxes causing you a lot of headaches.  You are giving your hard earned money to the government and a probate attorney. Probate is expensive and often has a devastating effect to the spouse or family members. California Probate is also a long process so it is very important that you have a living trust.  Don't risk what you worked a lifetime for and most of all down wait until it is to late.

"Living Trust" 

A Living Trust will give your family or your beneficiary, your estate without the need of costly and lengthy probate and costly attorney fees.

Protect your estate with a "Living Trust"

WHY DO YOU NEED A LIVING TRUST?  Just click to find out more.


Without a living trust, most estates require some sort of probate after a certain dollar amount is reached.  Any estate over $100,000.00 in  assets may need to be probated in California.  A will does not stop the need for probate.  A living trust can protect you and your loved ones now and in case you are no longer able to manage your assets.  With or without a will, some sort of probate is required in most cases.  There may be other ways to transfer property before your death but most have substantial draw backs.    Isn't it much better to have your wishes spelled out in a trust instead of relying on probate to divide your property?   Even in small estates, a family trust can save your family a substantial amount of money.  For an estate in California that is worth just over $100,000.00, there will be court ordered attorney fees of $4,000.  This is several times the cost of an average family trust.  Most document preparation fees are from $700 with an entire trust package costing 1,400.00.* 

The above price includes our $200 seniors age 50+ or for active military. 

PROBATE OPENS YOUR LIFE TO THE PUBLIC.   In other words, all your accounts, assets, etc. and to whom you leave them to will be open to the public.  Anyone can visit the court house to pull your file to copy the documents.  This information can even be sold to companies.  Do you want your information to be exposed to con-men scamming against you? I think not.   Probate also has bad side effects.  Unfortunately, when it comes to money issues or division of property, it can generate heated (and expensive) legal arguments between family members which not only costs the family time and money, but it may be even tear your family apart by causing mistrust between the surviving members. Trusts can certainly help lower the risk of family disputes substantially.

Why not take the emotional side out of it as much as possible? -- Why should you have to worry about if your wishes will be granted. A trust spells them out.  Outside of saving your estate from fees by the court, it also allows you to voice your wishes after your death. 

YOU  MAY HAVE HEARD HORROR STORIES from others about their frustration, pain and expense of probate court. A probate matter will take between nine (9) to fourteen (24) months to complete.  That's a long time.  It is always sad to watch in dismay as family and friends fight over a parent's or grandparent's legacy.  What is even more sad is that I have seen families come apart over the will and wishes of a beloved family member.

As an attorney who has dealt with money matters for over 22 years, I can tell you probate disputes can be worse than a contested divorce.  A trust helps prevent this from happening.  The goal is to help bring families together, not rip them apart.

Sometimes people call attorneys, estate planners, or trust attorneys. Most people may not require estate planning attorneys.  They know what they want and just need the appropriate documents.  That is why my office offers document preparation services at a discounted price since I'm not giving you legal advice.  The savings are passed on to you.   You know what you want, you just need your wishes placed in writing. 

All too often I have seen people fight their way through probate.  At a time when they should be coming together to deal with their loss and celebrate the good  memories, they are fighting over the choice of lawyers,  who will be appointed by the court, who will do the estate accounting and how to distribute the assets and of course, the legal expenses.  Worse yet, people you may have never expected to, end up fighting over your assets or rights to be part of your estate.


    Many times with an adult child/dependent, they may have either an emotional problem or disability.  It is important to set up the trust to ensure the benefit they are receiving will continue after your death.  It is possible to set up a trust within the trust to take care of just that. This type of trust may cost more to draft on your behalf but it may help you get the results you desire.  

WHEN  YOU PASS ON, IT  SHOULD BE A CELEBRATION OF LIFE NOT THE MEMORY OF LITIGATION.  I'm sure most people would prefer this.  Celebrating your life and your memory should be a beautiful moment.  Sure we all wish you could live in good health for a long time, but events do happen that can end our life much sooner than anyone thought possible.  Of course, our loved ones will be sad in many ways and grieving the loss. But adding the stress of probate to their grief, takes away from the good memories they should be celebrating.



Even the best will can not replace a good trust.  Maybe you already have  a will and you have maintained it so it is completely up to date. You may have even taken steps to ensure that the will itself is clear, concise, and uncomplicated. But -  be aware of emotions and confrontation.  They are the keys to your undoing.

People are emotional. We can't change that nor we should even try to. Emotions are what makes us special individuals. But when there is a death of a loved one, emotions can mislead us into believing something other than what we see really see. Death of any one with whom we have a connection with is a stressful time.  To lose a parent -- even if the loss is expected -- brings out the worst fears in people.


They suddenly have to face their own mortality and the realization time will always march on.


People also encounter a special kind of aloneness. Until you have lost a loved one, you can't describe it.


Most people feel a completely natural need to have something of the parents, grandparent or a loved one  to remember them by, something tangible to hold onto and to reinforce our memories of them.

These are all completely normal.  With a trust it is much more manageable than a long probate matter. For those who don't have a will or a living trust when this happens, you start to mix in substantial assets and confrontation into the boiling pot, then what does it stir?  Many times the boiling pot is filled with a volatile mix that leads to disaster.   One of my goals is to try to take everything out of the pot so it can boiled down to have less emotions. 


Living Trust portfolios should include many legal documents, not just the trust.  It is not just drafting one document, but everything you need.  My consultation with you is to create a positive thinking about your estate and in case of your death what do you want to happen to it and why.  After getting all of the information and your specifications,  your documents will be created to suit your needs. 

"Why should I use a document preparation service?"

Although I have been an attorney for over 22 years, I realize that people are looking for an inexpensive way to have a trust.  I believe that more people would have these important documents if they could afford them.  Thus, I offer document preparation services instead of trying to sell you estate planning. 

If you have a substantial amount of assets and specific distribution needs for a specialized trust, you should seek more extensive estate planning, however, if you are like the majority of people who have a home and minimal assets, DOCUMENT PREPARATION will save you money. 


This web site is intended for general information only and does make any inference that this constitutes a retainer for my services or that I  represent you. Any documents prepared based on information obtained via the internet are considered in Pro Per as document preparation services only and for use in the State of California only. 

Any legal content contained on this website and, and is not intended to and

 does NOT constitute legal advice copyright 2012

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