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DIANE S. CASEY, Notary Public 

365 Broadway, Suite 203

El Cajon, California

 (619) 937-0269  

          Certified Notary Signing Agent

            Mobile Services Available

Office is conveniently located in El Cajon for walk-ins and appointments in a professional setting.  Notary services include Powers of Attorneys, Health Care Directives, Living Trusts, Deeds, Settlement Agreements and much more.  I am also a certified notary signing agent for all your loan document signing needs.  Since I work from a law office, the attorney is available for review or preparation of legal documents or questions about the documents you want notarized by appointment. 

Mobile/travel notary services available.  Competitive travel   fees!  Areas covered are generally the east county and the greater San Diego area.  For those people who cannot come to the notary location, this service makes it very convenient.  I will travel to a mutually acceptable location including your home, office, hospital, or other location that meets your needs.  Notary services are just a phone call away.  (Note: There is a fee for travel in addition to the notary fees based on mileage, time and location).  

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365 Broadway #203, El Cajon, California  

(619) 937-0269 

 Welcome!    If you need a notary, this website will familiarize you with the notary services that can be provided along with information about the notarial process.   My notary service office is located in the city of El Cajon conveniently located inside a law office offering you a professional environment to have your documents notarized.


          My service is  commissioned by the State of California as a Notary Public.     NOTARY PUBLICS  must be of proven integrity appointed by the state of California to conduct notary services in the State of California and to serve the public as an impartial witness in taking acknowledgements, administering oaths and affirmations, and performing other acts authorized by law.   I have also been certified as a Notary Service Signing Agent or commonly known as a Loan Signing Agent by the National Notary Association.  This is beneficial to you when loan documents are being notarized.  


COMMISSIONED VS CERTIFIED LOAN SIGNING AGENT?  Good question.  What do these words mean?     A notary public service is COMMISSIONED by the State of California and is a government distinction and office.  Being "Commissioned" as a notary is mandatory in order to do any notary or loan signing work.  Being "Certified" as a loan signer is optional and is not recognized by any state government,  however,  you must be a notary first before obtaining certification as a loan signing agent and to provide the services.   Most lenders and title companies request certified loan signers because of the additional certification of knowledge of the loan documents on top of the state notary public appointment and screening process that is required.    Certification requires additional coursework and background screening due to the confidentiality of  information provided in  the loan process. 


    As a notary public service, I am a public official whose primary function is to serve as an impartial witness and to authenticate the signature(s) on contracts, deeds, trusts, loans and other legal documents.  By law, I can not give and will not legal advice since I'm not an attorney.   The reason for documents to be notarized is to help protect the public interest, as  deterrent to fraud. An as an impartial witness (the Notary) the signers of documents are who they say they are and not impostors. As a commission Notary I have to follow certain state requirements before I can place my seal to the documents.   Part of it is to make an inquiry of the signers and that they have entered into agreements knowingly and willingly. 


     The maximum amount for signature Notary Fees are set by the State of California.   However,  notaries can charge any fee up to the maximum amount which is $10.00 per each signature and because of the work and time involved the $10.00 fee is a bargain.   The fees for each signing depend upon the number of signatures and who is requesting service.   So of course,  the fees could be less for numerous signatures.   My notary service rates are very competitive with today's notary services prices in El Cajon and greater San Diego area..


Travel fees are allowed to be charged if the signer agrees to the charge. All travel fees are disclosed prior to travel.   Notary fees are separate from the travel fees.  Travel fees are based upon mileage/distance,  after hours, and location.    Click on fees for more information.


A Notary does NOT give any legal advice regarding any documents signed.   Only an attorney can give you legal advice regarding your documents.


My notary services are provided inside the Law Office of David A. Casey, located at 365 Broadway, Suite 203, El Cajon, CA.  (619 937-0269).  HOWEVER,   I do NOT give any legal advice pertaining to the documents that you want me to notarize.  If you want your documents to be reviewed by an attorney prior to signing,  you should make an appointment for a consultation with the attorney at (619)447-6780.  Attorney fees are not part of my fees.   Attorney Casey can assist  you with your living trust portfolio, then you can utilize my notary services without having to search out and travel to another location.  


My mobile notary service can provide travel service to: El Cajon, La Mesa, Lemon Grove, Lakeside, Alpine, Rancho San Diego, Santee, Spring Valley, Chula Vista, to have your documents notarized or to be your loan signing agent.





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